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The Longfellow Design Build Story

Back in the early 1990’s Longfellow Design Build’s owner Mark Bogosian worked alongside his father who bought an old farm in Auburn, Massachusetts and developed a few homes, including their own family home.

“Through that experience working with my Dad, I discovered that I loved everything about home construction,” he says. “I started doing small projects in my neighborhood, painting houses, carpentry, building decks. I realized there was an opportunity for someone who worked hard and produced quality work at a fair price.”

“In the years that followed, I became a big fan of the design-build concept where a dedicated team of professionals works a project from start to finish.” Said Bogosian, “If architects, designers, and builders work alongside each other day after day, they develop relationships that result in a higher level of communication and efficiency that is not possible when the Architect and Builder are separate.

After graduating from Boston College in 2010, Bogosian founded Longfellow Design Build, named after the street of the first house he and his father worked on together. Today, Longfellow has 60+ employees, with three design showrooms on Cape Cod in Falmouth, Osterville, and Chatham.

For Bogosian, building quality custom-designed homes continues to be an unyielding passion. Mark credits Longfellow’s success to surrounding himself with talented, dedicated people. “I’ve been planning for this company since I was in high school. I always believed that hiring talented, honest people and treating them well is the road to a successful business. That has been the key to our growth.”

Longfellow’s business model is unique in that much of the design and construction process is completed by  in-house staff. Overlapping the design and construction phases of the project can often significantly speed up the development process.

Longfellow’s architects and designers are familiar with a wide range of styles, materials, and challenges common to building homes on Cape Cod. They provide a variety of innovative resources such as 4D modeling, 3D printing and drone video which is sometimes used to determine the best placement of window and second-floor decks to maximize views.

“Although we are happy to work with clients at any stage in the building process, we know that the most successful, cost-efficient projects happen when the homeowner, architect, designers, and builders work together as a team from start to finish.”

Today Bogosian is very much a part of the team and still works personally with most clients. “Our mission is to continue to build and design custom homes that reflect our client’s Cape Cod lifestyle, and elevate their quality of life,” Bogosian says.