Kitchen Design

At Longfellow, we don’t believe in half measures. That’s why our design process is as thorough as possible and will leave you brimming with confidence that nothing has been overlooked, and that everyone is fully prepared before the project beginsellow’s design staff includes both kitchen and bathroom specialists and interior design & materials specialists.

With a deep understanding of the necessary materials and years upon years of experience in the field, our designers have a proven ability to help you to articulate your vision and guide you through the design process. We understand that the kitchen is the beating heart of many people’s homes. That’s why our design teams are committed to helping you create the kitchen that will best suit your family’s unique needs.

Low on ego and high on good ideas, Longfellow’s in-house design specialists are personable professionals who will take the time to walk you through your design options, help you set expectations, and assist you in achieving your vision for your brand-new custom kitchen.

Custom Cabinetry
What’s a kitchen without cabinets? The answer is “not much of a kitchen.” When you design your new custom kitchen, custom cabinetry is a must-have. Longfellow’s award-winning designers are ready, willing, and excited to help you select cabinetry that will not only serve your storage needs but also effectively complement the existing aesthetics of your kitchen.

Custom Millwork & Architectural Details

Longfellow’s design staff designs custom cabinetry and architectural elements in partnership with a Pennsylvania Dutch millhouse. Custom cabinetry, built-ins, and architectural millwork can bring a feeling of quality and provides an incredible return on value. Even a small amount of architectural detail designed into a kitchen, such as a coffered ceiling, beadboard, or wall panels around a staircase, gives depth and texture to a design. We often use these types of architectural details to subtly delineate one area from another, which is especially useful for rooms with an open floor plan.